Hotelaria e Turismo
01 Cruise Ship English Course - 129 alunos ativos
Cruise Academy includes a set of trainings that make each trainee fit to work aboard a cruise ship, whether ocean or river.After the training completed all graduates can be placed on a cruiseship company - Portugal and Europe - the labour contract...
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Conteúdo do Curso
  • Program Contents
  • Module I - General Framework
  • Module II - Customer Service and Assistance
  • Module III - Housekeeping: Facilities, Equipment and Materials
  • Module IV - Housekeeping: Cleaning Methods and Processes
  • Module V - Housekeeping: Laundry / Laundry Service
  • Module VI - Operational Reception Service
  • Module VII - Operational Restoration Service
  • Module VIII - Bar Operational Service
  • Module IX - HACCP
  • Module X - Sales Techniques
  • Multimedia Resources
    Here you can find multimedia resources that add value to the course.