Hotelaria e Turismo
03 Hotel Housekeeper - 56 students actives
Through targeted training, trainees will be able to perform housekeeper and housekeeper duties with an overall view of the process, always according to the specificities and requests of each hotel entity.Candidates for this course will be able to:...
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Conteúdo do Curso
  • Program Contents
  • Module I - Organizational and Functional Structure of the Floors
  • Module II - Equipment, Facilities and Materials
  • Module III - Processes and Methods of Cleaning
  • Module IV - Customer Service and Assistance
  • Module V - Housekeeping Support Sections
  • Module VI - Management Processes in the Housekeeping Department
  • Module VII - Purchasing, Inventory Management and Floor Service Inventory
  • Module VIII - Organization and Operation of Laundry / Laundry Services